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The most popular keywords people use to promote web hosting provider's sites are: 'hosting', 'web hosting', 'shared hosting', 'PHP hosting', 'MySQL hosting' and of course 'professional hosting'. Less popular key words are 'low cost hosting', 'qualitative hosting' and at last 'web site hosting'. Not the best but still popular keywords are 'free hosting', 'domain name registration', 'free domain', 'hosting plans', 'video hosting', 'game hosting'.

It is easier to put all these keywords in one phrase - qualitative professional PHP MySQL CGI hosting, domain name registration and free domain.

Do you know that IT specialists have their own professional holiday?

If not, you will be very surprised to know that there are even several of them!

System Administrator Appreciation Day is celebrated on the last Friday of July. It is widely spread in many of the countries all over the world. Another holiday that is celebrated on the 1st of May is hosting provider's day and it is also very popular in the sphere of IT.

In addition there are several official holidays which are celebrated all over the world. They include Information Society Day which takes place on the 17th of May and is celebrated starting from 2006. It is the official holiday which was established by UN Assembly. It can turn out to be a good alternative to an existing system administrators' day.

Another professional holiday for IT specialists is programmer's day. It is celebrated on the 12th of September in the leap-year and on the 13th of September in the ordinary year.

Some holidays are connected with a specific date or occasion which took place in history of IT. They are not considered to be official. However people pay a lot of attention to them. On the 14th of February 1946 a first operating ENIAC computer was presented to the public. This date is also considered to be very important in IT field and is celebrated as one of the holidays. This computer was produced to make calculations in navy ballistic charts. Every army used to have its own department which made such kind f calculation. ENIAC computer became a very powerful tool for handling all required tasks.

What is the best gift for IT specialists?

These people are very creative. They are able to take nonstandard decisions which help them to solve different problems. Moreover it is very important for them that everything has the highest level of quality. No matter if the present is cheap or expensive. The only thing that is of great importance is quality and taste. However sometimes it is really hard to know about likes and dislikes of our colleagues. It makes the choice of [resent not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. We would like to pay your attention on golden pictures which contain the images Gladiators and Amazons from Zodiacal Sign collection. This gift will turn out to be the best bet for those who work in IT field. It is made of pure gold and will bring a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!

New Information on the Site All Web Hosting US: - good chance for our children
Online games for kids up to 10 years old. Puzzles, coloring games, crosswords and many other bright games.

Do you know that IT specialists have their own professional holiday?
If not, you will be very surprised to know that there are even several of them!

Problematic client? Do not panic!
This article is dedicated for those who have to communicate with inadequate clients and noobs who can blow one's mind with their stupid questions and requests.

Cigarettes - fires in the data center!
Cigarettes can cause fire and Data Loss, two destructive fires in data centers.

All Information

This year the most popular key words people use to find hosting providers are: 'hosting', 'web hosting', 'shared hosting', 'hosting plans', 'PHP hosting' and 'MySQL hosting'. However, last year the most popular keywords were 'free hosting' and 'free web hosting'. The quality of some free hosting services is not very low but still there is a list of disadvantages, take for example advertisement free hosting provider places on your site(s). It makes such providers unacceptable for some enterprises and companies. The reason for this lies in a chance for your web site to become a place where your competitor will show there ad. Moreover such ad banners may spoil your web site design.

If you want to choose a reliable, professional and high-quality hosting with the best up-time you should pay attention to:

1. How old the hosting provider is and for how long it has been providing its customers with hosting services.

2. Make sure, that the hosting provider you like is legitimate and registered as a legal entity. You can find such information in the 'Payments and contracts' part.

3. Take into account the number of existing customers of the hosting provider. The hosting provider which tries to hide such information is usually not very reliable. Experienced web hosting provider should provide you with at least 1000 customer's site links. These links are the way to check the level of the reliability and performance of hosting provider's servers.

4. Whether the hosting provider has not a virtual but a real office. It is advisable the office to be located not in the suburb.

5. Whether there is a phone number mentioned. It is advisable for the provider to have several phone numbers of managers and support service.

6. The hosting provider has to have its own server equipment and this equipment is to be installed in the data centres located in the same city as the office of the hosting provider is. If the data centres and office of the same hosting provider are situated in different cities or even countries, this hosting is undoubtedly not professional. Moreover, most of such hosting providers are resellers or partners of other companies and are able to guarantee you nothing.

7. What is the price for the hosting services? The minimal prices for 'php hosting' services start from $2 or so. The cheaper hosting plans don't include PHP, CGI, MySQL. Of course, it is possible to sell hosting even cheaper but in this case there would be no profit and money for equipment upgrade, research or installation of new servers. So the conclusion is that without profit web hosting is likely to lose everything.
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